What should I do when my house is waterlogged

What should I do when my house is watered?

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The steps you need to make after water pressure are;

  • If your home is damaged and you are insured for dwellings, call the insurance agency first,
  • Check for structural damage before re-entering the premises against the possibility of building collapse risk in heavy floods,
  • Have the electrician check for a possible leak in the installation,
  • Take as many photos as possible in the house or residence for damage assessment,
  • Make a list of damaged or missing items and, if possible, try to set up the formality inventory that may be required with the purchase date, value, and receipts of your damaged items, and if you do not have the documents,
  • In the case of flooding, water boil for drinking and preparing food until the authorities say that the water is safe,
  • If the water in the house is not too much of a wetness dimension,
  • Carpets etc to prevent build up. Try to get the goods out,
  • If there is too much water and damage, get support from professional companies,
  • As well as water salvage, disinfection of the flooded area and your own health during intervention are also important.Absolutely use gloves and rubber boots (boots)
  • If the inside of the house is cleaned and dried, it is the simplest disinfected laundry water. Companies that will receive professional support usually use more superior anti-bacterial disinfected products, even if you do not want to.
  • It should be observed against any fungus and odor condition before residence in the dwelling.
Cleaning after flood and flood is different from standard cleaning and should be done without losing time. Our experienced and trained personnel with this consciousness are ready to serve in the cleanliness of flood- damaged areas.

The Northern Group is located in Istanbul , home office, factory, store, warehouse, basement and so on.waterproofing, disinfecting, draining and disinfecting wastewater, and sewage disposal (sewage cleaning).

Water flood is one of the destructive forces that cause a lot of monetary damage in your home and occupy your home after the fire. If you have such a damaging element in your workplace or at your workplace, you need professional help.
We serve all the districts in Istanbul, we undertake all procedures including cleaning and renovation of the dwelling, restoration, paint whitewash if needed after the flood cleaning.
(Home floodwater withdrawal):
Water pressure damages should be handled immediately at home or at work. If the issue is not addressed, it can cause the creation of harmful toxins and bacteria, as well as cause serious damage to property,

What should I do if my home is waterproof? “If the dormitory is insured, the invoice you will require after the service is valid in all insurance companies and it is possible to cover your monetary damages.

It is enough to contact us for cleaning after water and water domination.

• Repair of water damage and water drainage services
• Improvement (disinfection) of sewerage damages
• Flooding, water flood cleaning and repair services
• Property-specific services for all dwellings, such as residential and business premises.
What I have to do is wash the water on my home page tells you what you can do during your sad situation.

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