Problems Will Create The Future Of Not Making Reservations Business Insurance

Many people spend only labor for life insurance business. In addition to the salary received additional insurance or other facilities not that important. Insurance guarantee quality of life is for you.

What İs The Benefit To The People Of Business Insurance?

Overall insurance than you save a lot of difficult situations. When you go to the hospital when ill health insurance you will be taking advantage of your examination, ie by the state in the same way as your drug is covered by your insurance. You will receive a monthly salary and fees connected when you retire until you die. Such situations are the benefits of your insurance.

Business Without İnsurance, What Happens?

Uninsured workers are forbidden to run and there are legal penalties. Nevertheless, some businesses continue to operate uninsured workers. If you have an accident in your life or business at no cost if you have a case that resulted in death are not paid what you nor your family. You look again at the hospital with your own material power. Necessary surgeries and treatments still borne by you. Job does not interfere in any way. If he can not prove that the work accident and the business owner can remove the need to see you at work. uninsured work is not guaranteed in any way in your life is not legal.

What İs The Penalty For The Uninsured Work?

This is not just a workplace penalized. Uninsured people who work can not be held responsible. Job hiring that person must notify days or a day in advance. Every month to pay their premiums regularly and must protect the worker’s rights. Instead of doing this job is given at least 27,000 TL fine. Insurance does not get reported in a non-essential state workers. The report also does not get the benefit of my report for the money. Uninsured workers are deprived of many rights work. ignored even in death.

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