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Water Installation Service
The workplace shall bear the cost of the work for up to a maximum of $ 150 beer for a maximum of 3 defects per year. Expenses that exceed this limit will be paid directly with the insured if approved in advance. The SBN Insurance to be made with the insured for the exceeding part will be completed by the guarantee limit and will not carry out the transaction for the exceeding part.

Repairs of all kinds of elements not connected to work areas, faucets and other equipments; damages or repairs to damage caused by any kind of wetting, leakage, leakage and the like caused by damage or breakage of the installation; repair or replacement of all types of electrical household appliances, appliances, heaters, filters connected to sanitary ware, costs of materials arising from or altered from repair of sanitary ware; compensation and repair of the damage to the repair and damage of the installation even if it goes through the premises of the building in your workplace or through third party dwellings / premises or other equipment housing / premises; sewerage / sewage system clogging or repair is out of scope.

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