House Insured House Needs to Press Water

When you are a host, there are a lot of things you need to do, a lot of responsibilities; repairs, new commodities, regulations and most importantly residential insurance. The way to protect your home and your belongings you have with great expenses and time spent; to have housing insurance.

Housing insurance you have with proper insurance premiums will not only protect your home, your property, but also make you feel safe. Although the merit of housing insurance has not been understood yet, the negative experiences reveal the importance of this kind of insurance most clearly.

” Why do you think it is so important to have a home insurance? ”; You can review our article titled “The Importance of Building a Housing Insurance”.
If you do not have the financial ability to meet your home or property when it is damaged, the housing insurance will help you and protect your home and your property with reasonable prices.

It will be much higher than the housing insurance premium to meet the risk that many riskie houses will not come to mind. You do not have to be a homeowner to have a home insurance. If you are a tenant, you can only get goods protection and protect your goods.

Although each insurance company maintains different risks through the housing insurance, in general; fire, earthquake, flood, etc. will be secured against your goods.

The point to note here is to choose the correct collaterals from the guarantees that will provide full assurance against climate conditions, strong storms, extreme precipitation, possible fires, earthquakes and increasing theft. Having these guarantees is not enough to cover the damage, and in case of damage, the insurance holders also have responsibilities.

Frequent rains during the winter months, sudden suppressing rains in the summer months can harm your house and your equipments. In this case, you will benefit from finding out what you need to do in the floods covered by the residential insurance.

The flood and flood damage covered by the residential insurance covers damages caused by floods, floods of rivers, tea, gradients and canals surrounding the insured building, flood waters that flood the water from the extraordinary waterfall. There are some duties to insurance holders in order for this security to function and to be able to detect damage.

House Insured House Water Bucket Requirements

  • The first thing you have to do if you have a plumbing guarantee on a residential property is to cut off the water from the source and prevent the damage from growing.
  • It is the responsibility of the insurance holders to take the necessary precautions and prevent the growth of the loss.
  • The person insured of the housing must make the damage notification to the insurance company within 5 working days after the damage is prevented,
  • It must be included in the request for the damage.

Documents Required for Water Damage Compensation in the Housing Insurance

In order to compensate the housing insurer for damages, the following documents must be sent to the insurance company by means of an expert;

  • A copy of your housing policy,
  • The declaration giving information about the moment of the occurrence of the damage,
  • If there is a fault in the third parties in the occurrence of the damage, the minutes prepared by the official authorities,
  • The statement indicating the material dimension of the damage,
  • The bids and bills received for the repair of the damage,
  • The title deed of the building and the lease contract,
  • Damage photos,Documents requested by insurance companies according to the nature of the damage.
    You can insure your entire home or even your property with insurance premiums that vary according to the properties of your home and your home. If you have not yet insured your home, apply for a home insurance application from and protect your home and your budget with reasonable prices.

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