Flood Water Damage Insurance – What You Should Know

Normally there are two policies which deal with damage occurred to your home due to water – first one is flood insurance and another is homeowner’s insurance policy. Losses are not covered by one of these policies but may be provided by any other. So you have to make a fruitful plan which can help you to know the exact losses and can arrange the accurate compensation amount.

Insurance coverage differs from one homeowner to another. However, there are some basic features which are common to all. You should talk to your insurance agent which one you will be entitled to.


Flood Insurance has a special type of coverage which is federally backed by the NFIP and it is available to homeowners, renters and businesses. A standard policy actually pays for direct physical damage caused to your damaged and insured property. It pays up to the replacement cost or actual cash value (ACV) whichever is less.

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